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Forgotten Heritage - The Book

Exploring the many varied locations I feature on this website and my social channels has been such an amazing privilege. This adventure has taken me to places I could not have dreamed were real before I began. From the rusting hulks of steel plants and power stations across northern Europe to the exquisite and crumbling remains of the villas and manicomio's of Italy. The journey has enriched my senses, struck me speechless at the beauty of places left to rot and created memories I will never forget.

After the first 3 years I was approached by a French publisher with the offer of a book contract. The book took shape over a six month period. First compiling the 24 location image sets and then researching and writing the huge amount of copy required to give context and a sense of place to the images. The process was hard work for 6 months but also very rewarding, plus I learned so much more about the places I had photographed.

The finished book is a very personal account of my time spent in these incredible places. I believe it is important that people do capture them before they are gone for good. If you would like to support the work I am doing at Forgotten Heritage then the book can be purchased or ordered through online book stores or in various bookshops globally.

Forgotten Heritage published by JonGlez Publications.

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